Would you prefer to be NEGATIVE or POSITIVE?




Next question…

If you’re thinking negatively about the year ahead – of what benefit is that to you? What are you achieving by thinking negatively?

It could be that there is a very positive reason for thinking negatively, in which case fine. But if it’s not achieving anything then you may want to rethink your thinking!!

Thinking positively helps produce Serotonin.



Serotonin is powerful – it’s a neurotransmitter in your brain which plays an important role in numerous ways, one of which is your mood.

So think about this. If you’re concentrating on what is good in your life it’ll make you feel happier and produce Serotonin which will motivate you. This makes you feel more confident, and guess what, confidence is a critical factor indetermining success.

When my partner and wife is working with athletes in her hypnotherapy business, I know that the  confidence that she helps instill in themselves allows these athletes to convince themselves that if they put in the necessary hard work they will be successful. They have self-belief. That self belief is not simply inherited, it can be learned and they do that by visualising their success. Subtle hint here…got it?

Lack of confidence is restricting, it stops you in your tracks. If you surround yourself with negative people, your brain will start absorbing that negativity and you find yourself slowing down in the pursuit of your dreams, possibly even stopping completely!!

So how do you get confident? In a way it’s simple, although not necessarily easy. You need to imagine yourself as having succeeded already. Simply picture what that is like to have succeeded. Then repeat the process as often as possible. There is a large element of your brain that doesn’t understand the difference between imagination and reality, if you think positively and confidently enough, it will have you believe you’re positive and confident.

That’s why successful people tend to be surrounded by positive people. People who inspire and encourage. By having positive and confident people around you, your brain absorbs that positivity. However, if you don’t have those sorts of people to hand, simply imagine. Your imagination is a powerful tool that many forget to use!

I’ll leave you with some final thoughts.

Your brain is like dough, it can be molded and changed, it’s not like porcelain that is rigid and can crack.

So when you are contemplating 2015, do so with a positive mind and reap the rewards.